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MIXED TEAMS - Newcastle teams' event is on June 8,9,10


(Updated June 11, 2019)

TWELVE TEAMS competed with much concentration over 5 sessions on a gorgeous fine weekend! Cloudy on Saturday, but clear blue skies on Sunday & Monday! Great tennis and much enjoyment by the players! One match was decided by ONE game!

 Much frivolity was heard on Monday morning on Court 3 - Donna's team lost their first set 6-love, to Yvonne and Karen. So, she had an interesting solution....send out a third player! Two against Three! (Donna, Carolyn and Narelle). Much hilarity accompanied the rally I watched - when Karen finally hit it long. They resumed a normal set with Narelle serving 2 aces in a row!

Some Bar Service ended the day on a happy note after Prizes had been presented - $400 to each team: Forster-Hills and The Double Crossers. Some "spot" prizes were also very popular  4 x $50 and $60 (shared).


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WEST PORT MACQUARIE R/Robin - May 17, 18 & 19 
33 Woods Street Port Macquarie


(Posted Apr 14, 2019)

Carol Daniel, with Cheryl and Geoff Beard - along with a dozen or more volunteers helping with refreshments - were able to conduct a wonderful weekend of tennis. Perfect weather!


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