Tennis Seniors New South Wales


What membership offers

Becoming a member of Tennis Seniors New South Wales not only means the opportunity to play in many and varied Seniors' Tournaments and social events, you also become a member of a much wider tennis fraternity. In becoming a member of Tennis Seniors, you will also be a registered member of Tennis New South Wales and thereby receive FREE comprehensive sports insurance, providing protection during all tennis activities. Other benefits include priority booking to the Australian Open and AO Events, going into Tennis Australia’s Wimbledon and French Open ballot and discount coupons from Entertainment Publications.




The two prime requisites are to have attained the age of at least 34 years and to be able to play tennis!  It is not an exclusive club reserved for champions but on the other hand it is not just a social club that happens to play tennis! We welcome players of all standards.


There are plenty of tennis coaches in the general community in most areas of the cities and country who will teach beginners how to play the game. Anyone just starting out would be wise to avail themselves of these services before seeking to join our ranks.




Prospective members need to fill in an Application for Membership.


  Click here to download the Application Form.


Our Uniforms


Tennis Seniors NSW have adopted the Navy Blue/Sky Blue/White colours of NSW for use in all representative tennis and have arranged matching styles for men and women. The shorts and skirts are in a serviceable navy blue which complement the matching tops in the team colours. This uniform is required for all representative matches at the Australian Teams' Carnival, but of course can be worn at any time.


These ladies looked stunning in Tasmania, 2014


Name Badges


Personalised Name Badges are supplied to new members to make it easy to put names to the many new faces we meet from event to event. We encourage all members to wear their badges when participating in any Seniors activity.  Replacement badges may be obtained for a small fee, by contacting the Secretary.


Membership Cards


Proof of membership is provided by a Membership Card, which is issued each year after paying the annual subscription fees. The registration code on the card entitles members to enter any of the sanctioned tournaments held across the country. Renewal notices are issued with Vetscore in May each year and Membership Cards are forwarded as renewals are received by the Secretary.



Membership is EASY!

  • NO "Joining Fee"

  • Newcastle Mixed Teams' event

  • NSW Championships

  • Australian Championships

  • World Championships

  • Newsletter quarterly

  • Country Round Robins

  • National Ranking tournaments

Membership keeps you in touch with the many Seniors in NSW who love to play tennis!