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FORSTER - Annual Seniors Round Robin Tournament - Friday July 29 - Monday August 1

(Posted May 31, 2016) Updated: July 25, 2016


The annual "migration" will take place again, on the Bank Holiday weekend, for this NRT 6 popular tournament! For more information and the colour brochure go to  "Tournament Entries"....





WEST PORT MACQUARIE - September 9, 10, 11

(Posted July 25, 2016)


Cec Newey and Carol Daniel will conduct this annual popular tournament in the seaside city of Port Macquarie. This is a beautiful venue, for a wonderful weekend of tennis and friendship.


ENTRY FORM go to "Tournament Entries"....


MUSWELLBROOK Park - Seniors Round Robin Tournament AUGUST 12, 13, 14

(Posted June 27, 2016)


Val Angel once again will be conducting the friendly Muswellbrook Tournament. See the Entry Form below..




PICTON TENNIS CLUB - devastated by the Eastern Low Flood!
Weekend of June 6                        

(Updated June 28, 2016)


The 3 relatively new courts at Picton Tennis Club were ravaged by the flood, having the carpet, the fences and the gazebos virtually destroyed by the mountain of water that swept through the complex.


Tennis Seniors offers our sincere sympathy to Alison Radford and her committee and we hope that Insurance will enable them to re-surface the courts and re-build the shelters.

And to the people of Picton itself, we hope they can overcome the major difficulties in rebuilding their beautiful township.



MIXED TEAMS - June 11,12 & 13 at District Park, Broadmeadow                

(Updated June 15, 2016)


An extremely successful finish by the TOP THREE teams on a glorious sunny day, Monday June 13. All Divisions had the #1 vs #2 seeded teams playing each other. However, "Code Violation" sneaked into 2nd spot above "Hills Billies" with a fine performance in their last match.








To play ITF tournaments - you NEED an IPIN to be current

(Updated September 18, 2015)


It's quite easy if you follow the steps from the ITF! With thanks to Gail Bates for making these links available.

Renewals are due by the end of December EACH year!
Make sure your IPIN is the Secretary for assistance 9624 7075.

IPIN needed for all ITF events. Next one : QLD State Champs, July 1-4 and then NSW State Champs October Long weekend, Sep 30-Oct 1


See the INFO on the following LINKS....

How to APPLY....

How to ENTER a tournament with IPIN....



NEW MEMBERSHIP - FREE for NEW members to 35+Seniors!

(Updated February 13, 2015)

Anyone over 35, who loves tennis is welcome to join! A perfect opportunity to play with and against players your own or similar age.


Simply fill in the NEW form - Click on "Membership" and you can join hundreds of other Seniors - come and play local weekend Round Robin events, receive our quarterly newsletter, play teams, or country R/R tournaments and social days.

Even if you consider yourself "Z" grade you can play with Tennis Seniors.



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