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Honour Board - Tennis Seniors Australia


Hall of Fame


The Australian Seniors Tennis Hall of Fame has been created to recognise those in our seniors tennis ranks who have succeeded at the very highest level, something that takes both talent and tenacity.  Membership of the Australian Seniors Hall of Fame is based on a formula that takes account of all Australian and ITF World titles won in Singles, Doubles and Mixed Doubles. As of December 2018, there are 12 members of the Hall of Fame.


Annual Awards


Each year awards are presented to the Australian Tennis Seniors Player of the Year (the Beneficial Finance Perpetual Trophy) and to the Australian Tennis Seniors Administrator of the Year (the Beryl & Don Kerr Trophy).


The Player of the Year for 2018 was awarded to Ros Balodis (ACT).  The Administrator of the Year for 2018 was awarded to Peter Breugelmans (ACT). The Player Recognition Award for 2018 was presented to Joy Rigter (Qld).



Teams Championship

Since 1985 an award has been presented to the State or Territory having the most successful team's results at the annual Australian Seniors Championships. From 1985-1994, the States and Territories competed for the Commonwealth Bank of Australia Trophy, from 1995-2001 for the AAP Cup, and from 2002, the Australian Teams Trophy.


In 2019 at the Australian Championships at Shepperton, the Australian Teams Carnival Trophy was won by Queensland.

Teams Trophy



Office Bearers

In 1969, John Young was the dynamic influence that helped found Seniors tennis in Australia. Originally called a "veterans" movement, its aim was to encourage social and competitive tennis activities for senior members of the community. Even some 40 years on and with a name change to Australian Tennis Seniors in 2005, the original concept as defined in our constitution has not changed...


The Objects of TSA are to promote and encourage participation in, and understanding of, competitive and social tennis activities for Seniors and to foster fellowship amongst Seniors.


The Office Bearers of Tennis Seniors Australia for 2019 are:



President: Peter Dighton (QLD)
Vice-President: Enid Besant-Ryan
Secretary: Pat Moloney (ACT)
Treasurer: Peter Froelich (QLD)
Committee members (2): Di Cassell (NSW)
  Ian Worland (NSW)




Life Members

A total of nine life members have been elected over the years, the most recent being Enid Besant-Ryan, Gail Bates and Robyn Castle in January 2019.


Life members




Past Players Remembered

In this section of our Honour Board we make space for tributes to those who have gone before us and who made significant contributions to Seniors tennis in Australia.